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BMC, SMC, GRP, GFK Wall Panel

Composite wall panel is a new generation of high performance building partition board made of a variety of building materials instead of traditional bricks and tiles. It has obvious advantages of environmental protection, energy reserving, no pollution, earthquake resistance, fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation and fast construction.

BMC, SMC, GFK, GRP wall panels features

  • Use imported silver ion, special effect antibacterial;
  • Energy saving;
  • Anti-corrosion, waterproof and moisture proof, mildewproof, fireproof;
  • No harmful substances, no formaldehyde;
  • Easy to clean and maintain;
  • Scratch resistant;
  • Can be repeatedly disassembled, easy to repair;
  • Low carbon Environmental protection, surface diffuse reflection and energy saving;
  • Can be recycled, the economical applicability of building materials, high cost performance;
  • Beautiful appearance.

BMC, SMC, GFK, GRP wall panels applications:

  • It is suitable for the projects with higher requirements of sound insulation, such as hotels, KTV, schools, hospitals, etc.
  • It is suitable for projects with limited construction requirements, such as shopping mall partition wall and secondary renovation partition wall.
  • It is suitable for the projects with requirements for reducing wall load: super high wall, light steel house, steel structure, prefabricated house.
  • Suitable for projects with special fire protection requirements, such as pipe well, firewall, large kitchen.
  • It is applicable to projects with requirements on construction schedule.
  • It is suitable for projects with special requirements for moisture-proof and waterproof: bathroom, toilet, kitchen, outdoor and other projects.
  • It is suitable for all kinds of regular partition walls, such as tooling, home decoration, internal and external walls, etc.

BMC, SMC, GFK, GRP wall panels development

In order to save land resources and energy, protect the environment and realize sustainable development, new wall materials emerge as the times require. At the beginning of the development of new wall materials, a variety of partition materials emerged, such as aerated brick, hollow board, gypsum board, magnesite board, cement brick and other representative materials. Although each kind of product has its own characteristics, and has its own space in the market. But the market is more demand for a new partition wall material which can integrate the performance characteristics of the above materials. In this environment, BMC, SMC, GFK, GRP wall panel was born.

BMC, SMC, GFK, GRP wall panels advantages

According to statistics, the use of composite wall panel materials can save about 30% of the total cost, and the construction efficiency of panel wall is at least three times higher than that of block and brick wall. Product quality in impermeability, lightweight, fire protection, technology has been mature, in achieving such performance, but also give consideration to sound insulation, shock resistance and other aspects of superior performance.

Find BMC, SMC, GFK, GRP wall panels here in Aobang!

Aobang has extensive experience in composite wall panels, and is able to offer various types of wall panels, such as the GRP wall panels, BMC panel, and we can also offer SMC panels, panels GFK, etc. To check more about wall panels and other parts, please contact us now!
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