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Auto Parts Mould

Auto Parts Mould

BMC Auto

Automobiles are different in size and shape. That means automobile suppliers always need auto parts molds, once there is a new model of automobile. Over 90% of auto parts production depend on mold. BMC and SMC auto parts molds enable massive production and uniform specifications in production. They address problems of light weight, electric leakage and aging., solves the problems of lightweight, leakage safety and aging of automobiles, reduces costs and improves product quality. BMC and SMC auto parts molds help lower the production cost and improve quality.

Auto Parts Mould

Auto Parts Mould Manufacturer

A wide range of auto parts rely on Auto parts mould, from headlamp housings to under-the-hood electrical and heat-shielding components to exterior body parts and interior structural and cosmetic components. Our auto parts mould supply covers bumper molds, battery box molds, lamp molds, seat molds, engine intake pipe molds, electric control box molds and so on.

We have good knowledge and rich experience in BMC and SMC auto parts mould. For more information about car parts mould, please feel free to contact us by phone call or email: info@waiwaitree.com.

What BMC Auto Parts Mould Achieves

  • Long service life
  • Elegant appearance
  • Integral parts
  • No limits for shape and size
  • low weight
  • Easy assembly
  • Receptive to paint
  • Stable performance
  • High precision

Pressure Molding & Injection Molding for Auto Parts

Pressure molding for auto parts

Make car parts with pressure molding starts with the fitting material into the mold. The product is heated with a hydraulic press until it has become more flexible and soft. This process is actually not easy in the way as it sounds. First, a carefully developed plan is required. The plan outlines heat to be applied , material, the amount of force, and close monitoring to assure the part is molded with appropriate shape and dimension.  the parts are ready for the finishing process  as soon as the mold is opened . The finishing process includes painting, bonding, flashing , and installation of inserts for fasteners.

Injection molding for auto parts

injection molding process is favored by the automotive industry due to its consistency and reliability. automotive industry always involves mass production. Injection molding is an ideal for mass production requiring high quality. In addition, thermoset plastic materials automotive parts  are lighter and comparably durable to metal parts produced through conventional means.

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