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Household Mould

Household Mould

Household Mould Description

SMC (sheet molding compound) materials are revolutionary materials in the sanitation industry. Household mould is helping set the trend. They are widely used in household products. Compared to traditional materials used to make sinks or shower trays, It is ultra-light and waterproof, absorbing no moisture. SMC materials are of high strength and weight ratio and are resistant to shock. SMC is several times the impact strength of acrylic materials. When you drop the SMC shower tray from 1 meter high, it won't even break. It is stain-free and easy to clean. The SMC shower tray provides you with a guaranteed life of more than 30 years.

Household Mould

Advantages of Smc Household Sanitary Ware

  • High impact strength
  • High gloss
  • long service life
  • Easy to install, leakproof
  • Beautiful appearance, no formaldehyde, no harmful substances
  • High fire performance
  • acid and alkali resistant
  • Waterproof and moisture proof

Household Mould Available

Washbasin mold, laundry basin mold, trash can mold, platen mold, and ceiling mold.

Why Is Smc Household Mould Popular?

As living standards evolving, people expect more from sanitary products. Sanitary products play an important role in the fast-paced life. SMC household products are easy to clean and maintain. The surface make the household products eye-pleasing. Its weight is only one-fifth of the tile, not prone to crack, deform or fall off. The formaldehyde emission meets E0 standard, which is in line with environmental friendly concept. On the other hand, due to SMC properties, it is well suited for mass production, while maintaining consistent quality.

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