Mold installation:
1. Confirm that the injection molding machine is powered on.
2. Click on the injection molding machine manual button to place the injection molding machine in manual mode.
3. Click on the injection pump button to start the injection molding machine hydraulic system.
4. Transfer the mold in place and verify that the mold matches the production accessories.
5. Prepare the sling.
6. Slowly lift the mold with a sling, slightly above the injection molding machine, and move the sling to position the mold above the mounting position. Be careful not to let the mold hit the surveillance camera and the robot.
7. Slide the injection molding machine guide sleeve to the proper position and slowly lower the mold. The operator should hold the top of the mold to avoid violent shaking of the mold. The operator must control the mold and prevent the mold from striking the guide post. (The guide column is impacted, which will cause uneven deformation and damage the sealing of the hydraulic system)
8. Lower the mold to the proper position, install the positioning flange and the protection ring, adjust the mold and the sling frame, and make the mold flange and the protection ring fit into the injection hole of the injection molding machine.
9. Close the sliding door on both sides of the injection molding machine and click the mold clamping button to enter the mold adjustment state.
10. Click the Clamping button and the injection mold will move slowly, leaving a distance of 2-3 mm against the mold.
11. Adjust the mold so that it is in a horizontal position. After the adjustment is completed, remove the sling and remove it.
12. Click the manual button and the injection molding machine is in manual mode.
13. Click the Close button to force the injection molding machine to press the mold.