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Ⅰ. Application fields of sheet molding compound

1. Application in the automotive industry

Suspension parts, front and rear bumpers, dashboards, etc.;

Body and body parts, hard shell roof, non-slip floor, spoiler, sunshade, engine cover;

Lower parts of the engine cover, air duct, air intake pipe cover, fan guide ring, engine sound insulation board;

Interior decoration parts: door handle, instrument panel, steering rod parts.

2. Application of railway cars

Seat, coffee table and countertop;

Railway vehicle window frames, carriage wall and roof panels, railway signal transponders.

3. Application in electrical and communication engineering

Electrical appliance cover: electrical switch box, electrical wiring box, cable distribution box shell, terminal distributor;

Electronic engineering application: antenna reflector, radome, printed circuit board;

Electrical components: insulators, insulating operating tools, motor commutators;

Communication equipment applications: telephone shells, cable distribution boxes, telephone booths.

4. Application in construction engineering

High-rise roof water tanks, purification tanks; shower supplies: such as bathtubs, sinks, waterproof trays;

Building template, storage room components: such as siding, roof, door frame.

5. Other applications

Containers, electric pole jackets, tool hammer handles and shovel handles, dining utensils, shelf trays. Packaging, transportation, and storage SMC molding compound is packaged in a composite film bag and packed into a carton; beware of heavy pressure, heat, moisture, and packaging damage during transportation.

Ⅱ. The impact of sheet molding compound on the environment   

The impact of sheet molding compound production and compression molding on the environment is much smaller than that of the common hand-laid glass fiber reinforced plastics process. There is no obvious environmental pollution problem in this project, which has long been confirmed in the environmental monitoring results of the same type of production plants. Since the molding of sheet molding compound is closed-mold molding, there is only a small amount of styrene gas when the mold is released during the molding process.


  • Automotive

    Sheet molding compound (SMC) mold can be used to manufacturing parts of cars, buses, trucks, transport and special vehicles.

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  • Energy/Power Generation
    Energy/Power Generation

    BMC and SMC are used to make xenon lamp HID luminaires because they can withstand the high temperatures that luminaires can withstand.

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  • New Energy Vehicle
    New Energy Vehicle

    Sheet molding compound (SMC) mold can be used to manufacturing parts of new energy vehicle.

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  • Transportation Equipment
    Transportation Equipment

    BMC and SMC are used to make outdoor large-scale transportation equipment bearing housing, bearing cover, sealing ring, non-oxidizing.

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  • High-speed Rail
    High-speed Rail

    The bulk molding compound (BMC) and sheet molding compound (SMC) are different from these materials.

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  • Building Materials
    Building Materials

    Our BMC ceiling and wallboard materials have been developed for more than ten years, and the technology is constantly being updated.

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  • Ship

    Sheet molding compound and bulk molding compound are widely used for Ship. Click here for more info about the SMC & BMC material.

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  • Electrical Appliances
    Electrical Appliances

    BMC can be used for household appliance, such as frying pan lids and brackets, as well as kitchen component materials such as oven endplates.

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  • Motor

    BMC plastic motor mold replaces the traditional iron shell and aluminum products, reduces the process, stronger sealing, higher safety factor, less noise.

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  • High And Low Voltage Electrical Switch
    High And Low Voltage Electrical Switch

    BMC & SMC is used to make parts with resistance to electrical marks greater than 600 minutes and arc resistance greater than 180 seconds.

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  • Outdoor Supplies
    Outdoor Supplies

    The fuel cell industry uses a large number of thermoset materials to make two plates. BMC and SMC are also suitable for use in solar tile and wind turbines.

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